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  • Dear Stress, I'm Breaking Up With You.


    We want it all as modern women today, don’t we? And more than ever we can have it all: success, a rewarding career, family, relationships, a social life.


    Perhaps you already do have it all… But at what expense?


    For most women, stress is at an all-time high as we endeavour to achieve it ‘all’. Our health, happiness and well-being at stake with feelings of being over-worked, under-appreciated, tired and burnt out. So what is stress? How does it work? And why are we slaves to its damaging effects, which impact the very elements of life we are trying to achieve?


    Join a collective of inspiring women from all walks of life who have come together to share their experiences and their insights on how you can learn to balance the trifecta of love, life and happiness by…


    * Identifying key areas of stress in your life

    * Limiting the impact of stress on your health and well-being

    * Practising gratitude to shift your perception

    * Saying ‘NO’ to anything that no longer serves you

    * Prioritizing the elements of a fulfilling life and putting YOU first


    Rethink the way you approach your journey to happiness and success with each chapter of this book. Written from the heart, this is a guided journey of laughter, tears, gut-wrenching experiences and life lessons through the eyes of a tribe of strong, soulful and successful women.


    It’s time for you to say goodbye to stress! Repeat after me…


    Dear Stress, I’m breaking up with you!


    The Idea

    This particular book, “Dear Stress, I’m Breaking Up With You” came about when lead author Ky-Lee Hanson decided it was time to stop letting stress run her down and she knew it was time to take that control back. Since we all experience stress, she thought it would be best to bring together a collective of diverse and inspiring women to share their stories, struggles and triumphs. Throughout the book there are a total of 17 co-author’s giving their story and sage advice on how to take your life back and reduce and manage stress.

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