• The Weight Within

    How to release the internal pressures we put on ourselves

    Ky-Lee Hanson

    Bosswoman | Visionary | Creator of Opportunity & Motivation

    Ky-Lee Hanson is the kind of girl who was glad to turn 30. She is an old soul who gets the big picture. She is built on hope and believes in equality. She is optimistic but understands things for what they really are. Ky-Lee enjoys people. She finds people fascinating. Being someone who can spot potential, one of the hardest things she ever had to learn was, “You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.”

    Growing up, she had a hard time understanding why people couldn’t seem to live the lives they dreamed of. Often thinking she must be the main character on a show like The Truman Show because nothing seemed to make sense. She always saw things differently and found it hard to relate to people which ended up sending her into a downward spiral in her twenties when she felt she had no choice but to settle. She felt suppressed, limited and angry. Ky-Lee has the ability to hyper focus and learn things quickly. She has a power-mind and found the true strength of life through a serious health battle in her late twenties. Ky-Lee took control and for years, mastered how to get her power back.

    Ky-Lee is a business and motivational mentor. Her studies in sociology, human behavior, stress management, nutrition and health sciences has led her to have a deep understanding of people. She thrives on creating opportunities to help people along their journey of becoming the best versions of themselves. Ky-Lee has an open door policy she learnt from her Mom, a listening ear and an opportunity to link arms and take you down your Golden Brick Road.


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    Patricia Yeatman

    The Young at Heart Professional

    Patricia Yeatman is a mother of four (Erin 44, Kathryn 42, Christopher 37 and Amanda 35), a wife to Mark, a grandmother (Nana) of 9 (Makayla, Jack, Avrey, Hunter, Sophia, Charlie, Emma, Tom and Sadie), a friend to many, a professional actor since 1986 and a Network Marketing Professional. She is 65 years old and proud of it.

    She believes that life is a gigantic gift that too many take for granted, herself included, until these last few years. She is fiercely loyal to her family and they have always been, and will always be, her priority, but she has now learned that taking care of herself is crucial to her well-being.


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    Kelly Rolfe

    Kelly has always known she wanted to help people. This lead her to a career in children’s mental health. She has been trained in multiple therapies to help children, youth and their families to lead a life of mental wellness. She has strived to help families reach their client-centered goals with passion, enthusiasm and care.

    In more recent years, Kelly endured some challenges in her personal life. She became a single mother to her beautiful daughter, Ryenne. Throughout these difficult times, Kelly was compelled to start a journey of health and fitness. As Kelly transformed her physical self, she began to understand that overall wellness has a much deeper component, and she began to work on her internal self. As she dug deep into her negative thought patterns (or “mean girl”), she began to heal and transform while learning love and acceptance of who she was. Through her personal journey, she found a true passion for helping other women on their journey of health, wellness and self-love. This passion led her to become a health and fitness coach. Through this opportunity, Kelly has helped countless women transform their lives. She has not only supported their fitness journey, but become a leader in finding self-love. Throughout her personal and professional journey, Kelly has set out to live her dream of helping people achieve self-love and overall wellness. To truly love one’s self, you must first accept who you are while working towards what you want to be.

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    Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

    When asked to sum up her life mantra into a sentence, Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz says that, “Passion always propels change, and kindness always heals everything”. And true to this, she leads and coaches those in her interactions and businesses with this motto in mind.

    A graduate from the University of Waterloo, majoring in English Literature, Tania is a tenacious, optimistic, passionate, and eclectic lifestyle photographer, writer and creative maven, who enjoys capturing moments – be it through the lens of her camera, or writing on her website, or a notebook when she’s on the go. Little did she know that it would be her saving grace through life’s challenges, as well as a medium for celebration.

    Over the last few years, both photography and writing has evolved into a platform for Tania to spread awareness and empower women and their families about leading a holistically healthy lifestyle, especially after she was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) 4 years ago. Her fierce and positive attitude has helped her overcome the socio-cultural challenges that she was struggling with emotionally, mentally and physically, all while relearning and creating a whole new lifestyle for herself built on the foundation of being passionate about wanting change for oneself and kindness towards oneself first, on a holistic level. Tania lives in incredible Ontario with her amazing husband and mischievous son.


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    Karina K Ullrich

    Karina is a visionary entrepreneur who specializing in the development of basic daily essentials that are functionally superior, environmentally clean and with an all- natural aesthetic. She and her husband are the founders of Evolatree.com. Together, they’re paving the way to a future full of sustainable products that will reduce waste in the landfills. It all started back in 2010 while living in China, she became attracted to the lure of traditional Chinese medicine. With a background in hairdressing, she honed in on the uniqueness of the wood combs that were superior in quality and culturally unique. She set out to share with the world the origins of the comb and to bring about its use into daily rituals once again. The first holiday season in sales was but a shoebox full of combs. The business was just a hobby when they had decided to move back home to Canada. With full intention of needing part time jobs to make it, perseverance and drive proved otherwise. Karina and her husband have successfully lived off the fruit of their efforts from that time forward. Since then, the Evolatree line has expanded to include bamboo boxer briefs and natural fiber sunglasses.

    Karina is a manufacturing director for new entrepreneurs who are seeking production for their sustainable designs as well as sourcing manufacturers with new and trending ecofriendly products for emerging businesses. She can show you that business can be done ethically and be environmentally friendly and yet also profitable. By simply influencing one entrepreneur, a whole community can be positively affected.


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  • Family Matters: Thriving Through It All

    How to not end up lost under the pressure of priorities

    Sunit Suchdev

    Sunit Suchdev is a skin care obsessed, health conscious fashionista who enjoys reality TV and shopping. She has spent the last 27 years of her life hustling, starting as a gymnastics coach at the age of 13, and collecting a paycheck in one form or another, her entire working life. Her primary interest has always been in coaching and training. She loves sharing her knowledge and helping people achieve their goals and dreams. It is hard for her to stay quiet when she knows someone could be happier! Sunit recently left a successful career in the corporate world to pursue her passion for inspiring women, particularly moms, to have it ALL. She has a positive “can do anything” attitude in life, and has never let any of the modern day stressors get in her way. Sunit does it ALL, with twin 4 year- old boys. Her new venture “Modern Mommy Prepschool” is an online course and podcast geared towards expecting mothers who know they want it all in motherhood, but don’t quite know how. She eschews the mainstream ideas that foster negativity in moms these days. She believes you CAN have it all and encourages women to find their true purpose, put on some lipstick, and live their best life! Happy moms make happy babies and her goal is to empower and inspire women to grow businesses AND babies that will evolve to make this world a better place! Sunit lives in beautiful British Columbia with her ah-may-zing husband and super cool twins.


    Eva Macias

    Eva Macias is the president of Eva Macias & Associates Financial & Insurance Services, a marketing firm representing many of the largest and most respected financial services companies in the world. Ms. Macias is also the founder of La Latina y $u Dinero, a financial literacy workshop that educates and empowers women to deal with their finances. She has recently consolidated her doctrine into a book and is now the author of A Woman’s Guide to Money.

    Ms. Macias has always been devoted to giving back to the community. She is a Treasurer for Amigas for my Soul, a non-profit organization that reaches out to the women of today to help empower and provide them with tools to build a better tomorrow. Ms. Macias is a powerful sought-after speaker in the financial world, speaking to students at California State University, Los Angeles, La Federacion Jaliciense, City of Los Angeles 9th District, and multiple Unified Schools Districts including Los Angeles Unified School District, about preplanning to maximize their retirement options.


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    www.evamacias.com | www.lalatinaysudinero.com


    Stephanie Butler

    Stephanie was born and raised in the north end of Toronto, Ontario and now lives in Barrie, Ontario where she loves the small city feel to it; yet she is a short distance to hiking trails and the lake. Stephanie spent her summers in the Kawartha’s; camping, swimming, building forts, fishing and around camp fires. Her time up north was one of good friendships and a sense of community, and she had freedom to explore and learn who she was. She still visits every year.

    Stephanie has a background in social service work, 20 years in the mental health field, and has a flare for working with people who have depression, ADD and emotional attachment to their belongings. She feels it is an honor to be able to support people along in their journey. Being a professional organizer has been a lifelong dream for Stephanie; she loves what she does and feels blessed to help others in this very unique way.

    Being in business for herself, she chooses where she will spend her time in the community, supporting different causes. She donates her time, services and monies wherever she can, but mainly supports Youth Mental Health, Lupus and other local businesses. Her dream is to be a philanthropist.


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    fb: facebook.com/SerenityOrganizingSolutionswithStephanie www.serenityorganizingsolutions.ca


    Kathryn Yeatman

    Kathryn Yeatman, although born and raised in Canada, has lived in Los Angeles for 20 years. In 2001, she graduated Massage school and has been in the business ever since. Massage and bodywork has been Kathryn’s passion since her early 20’s. As a Certified Massage Therapist and a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Kathryn believes in a multi-dimensional approach to bodywork, and health in general, trusting that we are not simply what we can see or touch. This is why Kathryn has studied for hundreds of hours, learning many di erent and unique modalities to become the well-rounded therapist she is today. Some of her skills include: Massage Therapy (Circulatory/Swedish, Deep Tissue/Sports, Prenatal), Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Sensory Repatterning, Cranial Sacral Integrative Therapy, Acupressure as well as various modalities of Energy Healing. Kathryn is also an artist, musician, a lover of yoga & fitness and a previous restaurateur. As an artist, she has been creating and selling her original abstract art for many years. She is currently working on a series of original sacred geometry pieces. Kathryn’s most recent passion is writing. She has begun writing a collection of children’s books that focus on love, unity and kindness.

    Being a mom however, is Kathryn’s proudest accomplishment. Life changed forever after her daughter Sophia was born. She believes cultivating Sophia’s happiness and guiding and nurturing her daughter through life is one of the keys to her success.

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  • Healing The Body With Knowledge

    Mind over body?

    Kyla Thomson

    Before Kyla became the mom of a medically complex child, she received her Bachelor of Education at the University of Regina, became a Special Ed teacher and settled back into her home town of Swift Current, Saskatchewan where her and her husband dreamt of starting their family. Family at home was put on hold with their first child. The multiple rare conditions and life threatening scenarios her baby girl endured began at just three days old and progressed to living 580 days in hospital, all from a province away from home.

    From this battle, Kyla found a strength that would mold her purpose: supporting medical parents and all those impacting their lives including nurses, doctors, family, counsellors and more. After year one in the hospital, Kyla began a blog, YouTube Channel and Facebook Progress Page. These platforms provide Kyla with the outlet to mentor and coach, share her public speaking/media experiences, and raise awareness for all the charities and organizations involved in her daughter’s life.

    Kyla Thomson is a woman who has fought through the agony of miscarriage, put her career on hold, and withstood two years in hospital as a first time mom. She is the kind of person who will pour her heart out and lay it all out on the line just to help others. Her chapter can help you not just break up with stress, but assassinate it from some of the worst situations life throws at you.


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    fb: Isabella’s Mustard Seed
    youtube: Hospital Mom Hacks
    blog: bellasmustardseed.blogspot.ca


    Dr. Lauren E. Karatanevski

    Dr. Lauren is an evidence-based Chiropractor and the co-owner of the Back in Action Health Clinic and the Oakville OptiHealth Clinic. Dr. Lauren believes in treating her patients the way she would want to be treated. She offers a holistic approach to care and has committed herself to creating an environment that allows her patients deal with pain, optimize health, prevent injury, and work toward achieving a pain- free fully functioning lifestyle.

    Early in her career, Dr. Lauren saw the physical manifestations of stress in her patients and as such, developed a stress management program to help educate her patients to recognize how stress can affect one’s body, one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. She utilizes her program to help her patients get a jump on strategizing and managing their stress and symptoms.

    Dr. Lauren is passionate in mentoring individuals in achieving their goals and dreams. She utilizes her own experiences as well as her research in the field of self-help, to assist individuals work toward attracting the life they want. Prior to her career as a Chiropractor, Dr. Lauren studied Kinesiology at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and competed as an international level springboard diver. She is also an International Best Selling Author for her work in Manifesting a New Life: Your Magical Guide to Attracting the Life that you Want.


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    www.drlaurenk.com | www.backinaction.ca

    fb: facebook.com/drlaurenbia 

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    LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/lauren-elise-Karatanevski-20b08255

    AJ Roy

    AJ Roy was raised in the country. She now lives in the city, but is a country girl at heart. She obtained a diploma in Social Work at Algonquin College in 1987, hoping to make a career out of helping people. The lack of jobs in the domain prompted her to look elsewhere. She then decided to make a career working for the Federal Government to which she now has 25 years of service under her belt. Since 2000, she has been working at Transport Canada. She is presently a Safety Analyst working in Aviation.

    Although she loves her socially-achieved career with the government, and her teammates, she has always had that burning desire to follow social work and help herself and others. Throughout the years, she has secretly been battling depression and anxiety, which continued to haunt her. The day she reached rock bottom, she decided to look depression and anxiety straight in the eye and shouting out loud, she said, “I’m breaking up with you!”.

    Through perseverance, courage, resilience and her love of life, she made it through. You can read her triumph in this book. This is her way of paying forward and getting back to her dream of helping people. An Occupational Therapist once told her, “You are like a train; there’s been stops along the way, some stops longer than others, but you keep going.” People say that she lights up a room with her smile. Even on darker days, she still smiles.


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    fb: www.facebook.com/arielle.roy.963


    Kimberly Francis

    Kimberly Francis is a health and wellness Network Marketing Entrepreneur, coauthor, leader and personal coach where she helps people get unstuck and be unstoppable in many areas in their life.

    She began her career as a Registered Nurse working in critical care before her injury that left her wondering what life was going to throw at her next. Finding a passion living a non- toxic lifestyle, Kimberly began to build a flourishing business that has allowed her to find gratitude, realizing she was meant for so much more in life.

    A speaker in her community, Kimberly educates people to live a more natural lifestyle. She is sought after for her fun and entertaining groups where she mentors leaders in her industry, driving them to chase their dreams and succeed in their organization.

    A native Rhode Islander, Kimberly is a mom of 3, wife and avid reader. She loves being around people having fun, sharing memories and laughing. Living out her passion on her terms has given her an increased excitement for a renewed endeavour believing anything is possible. Kimberly loves to travel, enjoys spending time at the beach and sharing her love of writing through her Blog.


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    Amanda Yeatman

    Amanda Yeatman, an adventurist, nature lover, and an optimist who believes with passion that life can be anything and everything you ever dreamed it could be, you just have to be brave; don’t be afraid of change or failure, lead with love in your heart and see the world through a child’s eye: full of beauty, opportunity, and wonder. Amanda started travelling right after High School. She travelled throughout Western Canada, Europe, parts of the United States, and then to India on a mission trip to immunize children for Polio. She then moved back to her home town where she opened a Café at the young age of 21. She then headed back out West to Calgary where she lives now and became a mother to three incredible children. Her children, Avrey, Emma, and Sadie have filled her heart and soul with so much joy and love. Health and nutrition became a large focus for Amanda after having children. She knew that in order to keep her mind, body and soul fit, she needed to work every day on eating well, being physically active, centering her mind through meditation, and living her own authentic, inspired life. Amanda studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition – a well-rounded education based on Nutrition & Holistic Health. Amanda knew that it was her mission to share what she had learned on her own journey to wellness with others, so she started an Integrative Health Coaching practice. Her Health Coaching practice focuses on helping others find their authentic selves through full circle lifestyle health. In her practice, she works with clients on trying to find balance in everything from Nutrition, Career, Spirituality, Home Environment, Joy, Relationships, Physical Activity, Connecting with Nature, Home Cooking, and so much more. Amanda plans to continue her education and become a Registered Massage Therapist and Yoga instructor. Amanda dreams big, lives big, and loves big and encourages everyone to do the same.


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    fb: @AmandaYeatmanWellness


  • More Than Just A Girl

    Girl Power

    Dr. Supriya Gade

    Supriya Gade, a professional by day, an artist by night, and a dreamer throughout. She is a physician by background and is currently a doctoral candidate for Healthcare Administration Program with Central Michigan University. She has dedicated her life to empowering everyone around her to make their life a little better - one step at a time. In the professional sphere, she simply does it by helping to improve the quality of healthcare service delivery. In her personal sphere, she does it by being a big sister, a good friend, a loving wife and just being herself through her blogs and poetries.

    She was born into a typical, traditional, middle-class, Indian household where being a woman meant fulfilling societal norms at all costs. Moving beyond that paradigm and in true search of self-expression, she has established herself as a successful professional in the healthcare field. Her life journey has taken her from Mumbai to Houston TX, to Windsor ON, before finally settling down in Toronto. Making most out of her experiences and her expertise, she runs a business consultancy on the side, helping non-profit organizations with their operations. She is also a co-founder of a personal coaching business that she manages with her husband.

    An Indian by heart and a Canadian in the making, she embodies the essence of both – freedom and enlightenment!


    here for you to reach out:

    Business Consulting @ www.fourdisciplines.com
    Personal Coaching @ www.rohitraaman.com

    Michelle Zubrinich

    Michelle Zubrinich has always been a passionate person who believes that everyone should have a voice. She is tenacious in her businesses and in her pursuit of personal growth, finding joy in everything she does. She grew up in the border town of St.Catharines, Ontario and has called such cities as Paris, France, Montreal, Quebec and currently, Toronto, Ontario, her home.

    She has worked in the commercial photography industry since 2008. She tried many different positions in the industry: first, as a lighting assistant, then as a production assistant, followed by a producer, a digital technician and finally found her passion in retouching. It complimented both the creative and technical side of photography that she so enjoyed, which allowed her to run her business from home.

    In 2015, Michelle and her husband Rob gave birth to their son Zadak. Although she loves her son more than words can say, there were some very hard and isolating moments during the first couple of months of motherhood. It became clear to her in those days, that she needed a change and wanted to build something bigger than herself. This is when she found Arbonne, which has allowed her to unlock the potential she always knew she had. Her passions for leading and helping others is now fulfilled and there is still so much more to come.


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    t: @mzubie
    ig: @michelle_zub_entrepreneur

    Rusiana T Mannarino

    Rusiana was born in a small city in Indonesia. She spent her early twenties till mid-thirties travelling the world for work. Her exposures to different cultures and places are priceless experiences that solidified her outlook on human values and globalization. It also contributed immensely towards her many valuable skills that later helped her in her business.

    Her hard work and genuine passion to help others, landed her a spot as the Top International Sponsoring Award Achiever for Canadian market in 2015 with Arbonne International. Rusiana holds a degree in Economy Management Study and completed a year post-graduate program in Global Marketing.

    She is a travel addict and she loves shopping! She believes that when women stick together, they can change the world. She also believes that the best time to start making dreams come true is when we were 7 and the second best time is now! For most days, Rusiana’s office is her dining table but it doesn’t stop her from running her global business successfully. She is exactly where she wants to be; home with her husband and her two young children, Francesco (9) and Carina (6). They live in Montreal, Canada.

    “Put your heart, mind, and soul into even our smallest acts. is is the secret of success”. -Swami Sivanada


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    fb: www.facebook.com/RusianaTMannarinoArbonne